IBeON Infotech strongly believe in long-term relationships. We are proud to say that many of our clients have done business with us continuously for over a decade

IBeON Infotech Facilities Management Services Team is dedicated to providing the safest and most efficient & cost-effective work environments. From critical facilities & corporate headquarters to industrial, manufacturing and R&D sites that is why some of the largest & most successful corporations in the world entrust the management & operation of their facilities to us.

IBeON Infotech Facilities Management Services professionals employ best practices to create and maintain the delivery of superior (FMS) Facilities Management services.

IBeON Infotech acts as an extension of our client’s organization to add value based upon our personnel’s expertise and industry knowledge and the use of cutting-edge technology we will work with you to understand your operating philosophy and how each facility aligns with your company’s overall business and strategies. Our services will increase operational efficiencies across your entire portfolio.

IBeON Infotech offers Facility Management Services based on support model. Our facilities includes Desktop management, Management Server solutions, Network Management and Security Management.

Under FMS we provide services for:

  • IT Infrastructure Supply, Support & Maintenance
  • Server Management & Backup Management
  • Desktop & Remote Desktop Management
  • Service Desk & Help Desk Services Support
  • Anti-virus & Application Software
  • Database, Asset & Vendor Management
  • Software Version Control & License Management
  • Data Centre Management
  • Network Management
  • Auditing Services
  • Messaging Services


  • Reduce the total cost of operations
  • Client can focus on core business activities
  • Streamline staffing costs
  • Optimize asset utilization
  • Facilitate service delivery
  • Improve uptime and system availability